Cats and Quotes Scenic Reflections

Cats and Quotes Scenic Reflections 4.0

Cats and Quotes Screensaver features a collection of 55 cute images
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Cats and Quotes Screensaver, by Scenic Reflections, is a collection of 55 images with the cutest images of these beautiful creatures. Cat lovers will be delighted to view cats from different breeds, from Abyssinian, Balinese, Cymric, to adorable pictures of little kittens in funny situations, accompanied by famous quotations.

Cats, with their combination of beauty and mystery, have always been one of the favorite pets of children and adults, so you can use this screensaver either as a gift for family and friends, or as a decorative item for your computer. This screensaver is completely customizable since users can define many of its features; for example, the order of the images, their size on the screen, and image duration. The screensaver comes with three piano music compositions that fit perfectly with the images, but it also lets us add a special playlist with our favorite songs. Apart from the music selection, we can also use cool transition effects for our images. The application is completely safe to install as it is free from adware and other unwanted programs. Besides, and most importantly, it is totally free. Definitely, a must-have for cat lovers.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Cute images
  • Nice fitting music
  • Free from adware
  • Freeware


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